Cate Russell

A Dublin native, Cate's voice is young, bright and versatile. She has a particular passion and talent for characters

   Ian Blackmore

Ian has a naturally soft, warm voice and also delights in bringing life and colour to very different characters

    Aoife Moore

Aoife's voice is young, clear, vibrant and friendly. She sings, speaks Spanish and is a Dublin native

     Mícheál Ó              Gruagáin

Deep with an Irish flair, Mícheál has a rich and commanding voice with the capacity for soft narration also

  Jessica Freed

Jessica has a strong voice, naturally low in timbre.  It is authoritative, yet warm and mellow.  She is also very versatile. She has an excellent facility with accents and is adept at both hard and soft sell.

 Daniel Costello

Daniel has a rich, lyrical and engaging voice, and can also provide a deep distinct and commanding straight/corporate read

Paddy O' Dwyer

Paddy possesses a clear and authoritative tone

      Nuala Kelly

Nuala boasts a friendly and diverse voice filled with characterful and comedic flair


  Eva Hein West

Eva is multilingual with a clear, friendly enthusiastic voice. Native German, Swiss and fluent in Italian. Good ear for accents.