Reactors perform at the Irish Writers Centre

A Titter of Wit was developed in 2010 by Ann Russell, Owen O' Gorman and Jessica Freed and was initially performed in Temple Bar with great success.

A Titter of Wit is a hilarious journey through Irish literature in drama and song that is both entertaining and educational. Produced by Whirligig Theatre Company, the show features performances of humorous selections from O'Casey, Joyce, Wilde, Behan, Beckett and other great Irish writers, performed by versatile and professional actors in the elegant surroundings of the Irish Writers’ Centre in the heart of Dublin.

This fast-moving show lasts just 50 minutes – an ideal way to spend your lunchtime!

August 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd, 1PM sharp - €10/€8 concessions, light lunch included, Irish Writers Centre.

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The 3 Kings review

Emer O Kelly Sunday Independent "Delighful performance from Owen O'Gorman.... Credibility, a touch of tenderness, sharp dialogue and a gentle sense of     humour." "Owen O'Gorman does a great job of conveying Ken's helplessness......what really life it, is the chemistry between the three actors and their performances" Frances Winston No More Workhorse

"Mr Ken King played by Owen O'Gorman gives a natural Performance, a man a little bit on the edge, but holding it together. He plays the inner struggles within himself well....the interaction between the the three actors is great" Alan Foran