Fringe is Here!

On this the first day of the Dublin Fringe Festival, here's where you can find ReActor faces (and voices!) over the coming two weeks:

Leah Moore will be appearing in Susanne R. Day's Toilers -Her Lost Play -as reconstructed by Painted Bird. In 1913, Susanne R. Day staged a 'little propaganda play' in a fundraiser for women fighting for the vote. She believed women should participate in all the big decisions and meant to prove in with her life. One hundred years later, three young women discover that the stakes are just as high for them. After a successful run at the Cork Midsummer Festival, this play will be on in Studio 1 at The Lir Academy from September 20th to 23rd, at 18.30. There will be a preview on September 19th at 18.30, and two other performances, both at 13.00, on September 22nd and 23rd. Tickets here.


Eavan Gaffney will be appearing in Papini, a new play by Colm Gleeson, brought to you by Felicity. The magic is not the disappearing act. The magic is forgetting you saw the strings attached. Claude and his closest friends are haunted by absence, loss, and a mysterious being. This interdisciplinary performance is intimate, cosmic and thrilling. It’s a body-high for those seeking theatrical amphetamine. Papini will run in the Smock Alley Theatre Black Box, from September 21st to 23rd at 21.00. There will also be a preview on September 20th at 21.00, and another performance at 15.30 on September 23rd. Tickets here.


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The vocal talents of Cate Russell will feature in Everything Not Saved, Malaprop's new show about memory (but not nostalgia). Come see ex-lovers argue about when they were happiest. Come see police officers rewrite history. They don’t mean to, but they do. We’re going to feed the present to the past. It’s a kind of ritual. A kind of sacrifice. Memory always is. This play will run in the Project Arts Centre from September 11th to 16th at 20.45. Previews are September 9th and 10th, both at 20.45, and there'll be another performance on September 16th at 16.30. Tickets here.