What the Reviewers said about Language of the Mute


‘Jack Harte is liable to face calls for his burning at the stake for his first play Language of the Mute. The play’s passion to de-bunk blood sacrifice is as fierce as it is salutary…it cuts to the heart. This is an important play, and deserves some serious objective consideration.’’

Sunday Independent

‘With a literary feel throughout, Language of the Mute has some beautiful dialogue and tender moments in what is a very difficult tale to tell. It bravely tackles subjects that some would rather not acknowledge and in doing so attempts to give words to those who cannot speak or who are not listened to. The drama takes place between the 1990s and the 1970s, with the transition between these periods being very well directed (Liam Halligan) and structured. The simple classroom set by Eoin Lennon is reminiscent of classrooms up and the down the country. Of note, Dene BOLA’s sound skills add an eerie calmness to the transitions and this works very well a furthering the emotional impact of the tale.’

The Public Reviews