Height: 5' 2"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Equity Status: Full 



Since graduating from The Gaiety School of Acting in June 2017, Gilly has taken her one-woman show, Sally Denver Matthews (Sleep Deprived Mother), around Dublin and further afield.

Sally Denver Matthews premiered at the First Fortnight Festival 2018 and has since gone on to The Riverbank Arts Centre (Kildare), The New Theatre (Dublin), Smock Alley Theatre (Dublin), The Old Courthouse (Co. Monaghan) and DLR Lexicon Theatre (Dublin).

This year, Gilly added ‘Mammy Matinees’, enabling new parents to attend with their infants. The youngest audience member was just 5 weeks old!

Gilly is athletic and sporty and has a flair for improvisation and dead-pan comedy. She can also take on stern roles such as the narky boss in the film clip below! 

As a fluent Irish speaker, Gilly is looking forward to continuing to perform and write as Gaeilge. 

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