Height: 5'7"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown with copper ombre
Equity Status: Full


*News Eva is currently expecting!

Eva is a charismatic international actress. She was born in Switzerland, then raised in Ireland & Italy where she attended the Institute of Art in Florence. An artistic & musical household influenced her (multilingual) upbringing as a performer from a very young age. Recent projects include: THE NATION HOLDS IT’S BREATH (Weinstein Company) / EUROMILLIONS (Tvc) / RIPPER STREET 4 / THE TRUTH COMMISSIONER  

In 2011 she graduated from the Actor’s Company (Bavaria) and shortly after got cast in a Berlin Improv feature: La Seduttrice. She worked abroad for two years & intensified her screen acting training at the i.S.F.F - Actors Studio Berlin.

Eva is a strong improviser, a sporty individual, a passionate dancer, and musician.

Good ear for accents.